Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mohawks and hats

I can't reist putting Hunter's hair in a mohawk after I slather the sun block on him, it's so cute on him!! Remind me how cute mohawks are when he's 10 and wants one!!

My little man!
At first we couldn't get Hunter to go into the binocular tunnel, then we couldn't get him to get out of it!! Silly boy!

Fathers and Sons

My very own . . .

We had a "grown-up" weekend camping trip. Mike told Hunter that if he was a good boy for Nana, we would bring him back a surprise. This is what he got!! Now he can ride along side Daddy!!

Just for fun

There aren't many pictures of Hunter and I since I'm usually behind the camera, this is a "self portrait that I took!

Pals . . .

Hunter and I walk with the girls Tuesday and Thursday nights (or at least try to!). Here is a pic of Hunter's pals, Briana and Owen. The boys weren't being very co-operative!!